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One of the most well-established companies in the real estate industry, Middlechase Property Limited provides families and investors with opportunities to invest in handpicked Nigerian property investments in today's top performing asset classes ranging from residential to commercial to mixed-use developments.

As the company has grown, markets have changed and MIDDLECHASE is the leading rental income developer in Africa dedicated to non-traditional residential development, innovatively designed to meet the needs of today’s astute investor and modern family.

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Our Vision

As the leading inventor of excellently crafted community and recognised industry leader in asset development and management as MIDDLECHASE is to make first-time home buyers comfortable, happy and worry-free both during the home buying process and even after their closings and to be reputable Real Estate Sales Consultant for first-time home buyers and rental-income property, effectively eliminating competition within the market.

Our Mission

For those who want CONSISTENT INCOME, Middlechase provides instant access to rental income property ownership with the power to choose your preference.

To bridge the obvious gap between you and your dream of owing a home or consistently generating rental income from real estate which is a foolproof CashFlow and guaranteed system to help our clients hedge against inflation.

Our Team

Esther Okenwa

Head of Sales
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Ayooluwa Olaniyi

Sales Officer
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Opeyemi Odeyemi

Sales Officer
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Mirabel Abuba

Sales Officer
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Our Estates

Income Comes First ...

Africa's Inventor of Excellently Crafted Communities

  • Bespoke developments
  • Highly desirable locations
  • First-class service
  • Innovative investment solutions

Middlechase is an award winning international property developer, specializing in emerging property income markets and is currently pioneering niche and iconic projects in Nigeria and Africa.

The company has a proud history of over 8 years' experience and success, and continues to produce and develop bespoke property investments in some of the Nigeria's most desirable locations.

With its expertise in emerging property income markets, Middlechase has recognized the unparalleled investment opportunities in Nigeria and Africa, and is proud to offer clients innovative off-plan properties in these sought-after regions, as well as unrivalled investment services and pioneering products.

With a passion for excellence and a commitment to affordable luxury development in all areas of construction, design, finish and service, Middlechase is leading the way for innovative and affordable property development in Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Abuja etc., providing its clients with luxury properties for a secure and profitable investment

New Lagos City Estate

Wonderful Lakeside Living ...
The New Lagos City is a residential estate development project powered by Arkbridge Integrated limited through Middlechase Property LLC. The project sits on about 20acres of land in Abijo, a small town just less than 5 minutes from Sangotedo and about 15 minutes from Ajah, off the Lekki-epe express way in Ibeju-Lekki. This estate project offers home buyers an opportunity to have a taste of luxury yet affordable and also creates a wealth portfolio for those with keen interest in Real Estate Investment.



Eastland Golf Estate

In Lush Serenity ...
Eastland Golf Estate is a 30 acre estate development of Middlechase Property Limited located in Abijo, Ibeju-Lekki which would be sold in plots to early property buyers and subsequently serves as a residential development for first-time home-owners. The estate would feature 4 acres of Nigeria's first family golf course and recreational facility to ease resident and provide luxury comfort including a state-of-the-art meeting space, ballroom, which provides the Estate with a significant competitive advantage. The Property has the first Family Golf Course in Nigeria, allowing it to capture a substantial share of the corporate and social business. In addition, the Property contains two recreational facility, an outdoor swimming pool, outdoor hot tub, two fitness facilities, a business center, and covered parking.

Dream Park and Garden Estate

Serene Beachside Splendor ...
Located in Orofun-Akodo, just a few minutes before the Free Trade Zone and 30 minutes from Ajah. The property has a Supreme Court judgment and would also serve as the site for private golf course and a Cancer Therapy Centre, which would be the first centre to offer affordable services to the public.



Easthampton Estate

Above And Beyond Tranquility ...
Located in Elerangbe, the site is just a stone throw to the proposed Lekki International Airport, and would serve as an income producing asset for investors who would like to position themselves for developers partnership to build apartment units because of the proximity of the property to the airport.

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