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We are so passionate about helping customer’s get the most out of their real estate assets.

Middlechase is an award winning property development company.

We are connected to connecting people with investment property assets that deliver amazing cash-flow.

Chudi Kalu

Co-Founder & Chairman

Our Estates Across Nigeria

Let's help you own your dream investment

How It Works

How to purchase your dream home

We Build

Middlechase and its developing partner find property deals with amazing returns, design and start the delivery process as you select your apartment type.

Step one

You Invest

You become a cashflow landlord by making an outright investment or a down payment to get you started as a partner in the actual real estate game.

Step two

You Earn Rents with Ease

Whilst we allocate your apartment units, our unique partnership with a property manager ensure your property generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.

Step three

You Get Paid Monthly or Yearly

You get paid from wherever you are on the globe unless you choose to live in the property.

Step four


What our happy customer's have to say about us

Middlechase Testimonial

The company is wonderful, the treatment is everything one could ask for. So I endorse the company because it's rare to find a company that will do such a thing. The staff are wonderful, and team spirit wows me.

Shola Shobowale, Veteran Actress

Lagos, Nigeria

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